Kneed eye same oar? (literary fiction explained)

Litter airy fick shin is some of that stuff where you half to go to the dicshinery and look up stuff and stuff. Theyre’s like, no good guys and bad guys like there is on tv or at the car repair place so it’s hard to tell who the proctologist is sometimes and some of the people arnt nessa Sarah Lee so good looking. You don’t get a lotta vampires or detectives or car chases too, so what’s the big deal? It’s hard to figure out why anybody’s doing that. I mean, if there doing any thing, which mainly their knot. Your subosta be smart when you read it but I usually fall asleep after the first visit to the dicshinery and then I wack off. I read one oncte ware a guy was like all depressed. whats that about? Anyways?  I still whacked off though.VampiresWeird_Tales_June_1936

Oh yeah, I forgot. Wheres the story if you don’t have banshees? And stuff.

Oh yeah, pllus if Steven King don’t write any why should I half too? Right? Or does he?

Oh yeah, plus which if I waz rich I’d maybe write some, but I guess I’ll get famous first off and then maybe write stupid stuff thats hard to fig your out. Right?

Oh yeah, and what about ill iterate personages? I aks you, what’re they subosta read if every body s being all litter airy and we have to, like, fig your stuff out? And stuff? Plus did I say theirs no inner plan it Terry wars? Why is that I wunder.!


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  1. Jeff Loewi

    So, I did ink etch the fursline until i furnished. Button ow!, eye onion stained itz. You should mach an other shorts stoary about sense in says that began with so. So, eyed rite moore butt I afta jackoff.


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